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Buying a house in Zaandam?


Are you looking for a new home in Zaandam? Then let the Bree Makelaardij, your purchase broker for Zaanstad, assist you. We know the region like no other and know exactly which houses are for sale in Zaandam and the rest of Zaanstad.

Hiring a buyer’s agent offers many advantages. This way we can make a pre-selection for you based on your wishes from the entire offer.. Our NVM accredited brokers will assist you throughout the entire process.

  • All appointments and viewings are arranged for you,
  • as an experienced negotiator, the purchase broker ensures that you do not pay too much,
  • re you looking for a professional structural engineer, appraiseror civil-law notary? Your purchasing agent knows who to contact,
  • the purchasing agent only represents your interests,

May we also guide you to your new dream home in Zaanstad? We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. You are most welcome at our office in Koog aan de Zaan!


Buy a house | Roadmap


You are looking for a new owner-occupied home, fantastic! Maybe you already know exactly what you want, maybe you’re still orientating. The NVM has listed the seven steps for purchasing a home for you.

  1. Choosing the right house: The vast majority of houses are on Funda. You can search for the perfect house yourself, but you can also submit a search to your real estate agent.
  2. The viewing: When you have found a house that meets your needs, you make an appointment for a viewing. When you hire a buyer’s agent, you can be sure that during the viewing he will pay attention to architecturalshortcomings, the paintwork, the electricity, the glazing, the roofing and many other relevant matters. This way you reduce the chance of unpleasant surprises when you have bought the house.
  3. Additional research: We support you in the purchase process by carrying out the various necessary investigations. We check the cadastral map, the zoning plan, the energy label, the environmental aspects and much more.
  4. Negotiation: De Bree Makelaardij has many years of experience in housing negotiations. We advise you on the opening bid and the negotiation strategy. Thanks to our knowledge of the business and of the region, you always pay a good price for your dream home.
  5. The purchase agreement: When the offer is accepted, the purchase agreement is drawn up. We will go through the agreement with you and check all data. After signing you have three days to change your mind.
  6. Financing: After the agreement has been concluded, the house must be financed. This is often done by taking out a mortgage. We can advise you on a mortgagethat suits you and together we will determine whether you qualify for the National Mortgage Guarantee.
  7. The notary: The last step is of course the key transfer. We also advise in the last part of the process about everything that needs to be arranged for the transfer and we go through the draft deed of delivery together with you. After going to the notary, the house is yours. Congratulations with your new house!

De Bree real estate can help you with every step of the purchase process. You will be assisted from start to finish by a skilled professional who represents your interests. We are happy to tell you about all the possibilities and what we can do for you as a purchase broker. Feel free to visit our officein Koog aan de Zaan for a non-binding conversation.

Questions about buying a house?

How does the sale come about?

If the seller and the buyer agree on the most important matters, such as the price, the delivery date and the resolutive conditions, the selling broker will record the agreements in writing in a deed of sale. The resolutive conditions in particular are an important subject in this regard. As a buyer, you do not automatically receive a resolutive condition! You must report the resolutive conditions as soon as you place a bid.

The statutory cooling-off period of three days comes into effect as soon as both parties have signed the purchase deed and the buyer has received a copy of this deed. As a buyer, you can still cancel the purchase within this time. If you do not waive the purchase and the resolutive conditions are no longer an obstacle, the transfer will take place at the notary on the agreed delivery date and you will be the proud owner of your new home!

What does the buyer's obligation to investigate entail?

Where the selling party has the obligation to disclose, the purchasing party has an obligation to investigate. The buyer is expected to examine both the architectural and legal condition of the home. This is also a good reason to engage a buyer’s broker, so that you can be sure that all important matters have been carefully researched.

What are resolutive conditions?

When buying a house, the buyer can have resolutive conditions included in the purchase agreement to guarantee the chance that the purchase can be dissolved if the conditions are not met. Resolutive conditions often relate to obtaining financing, the National Mortgage Guarantee and a building inspection.

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