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De Bree Real Estate is there for you when you want to sell your house!

De Bree Real Estate is there for you when you want to sell your house in Zaanstad. We know Zaandam, Zaanstad and the rest of the Zaan region like no other and are therefore your ideal NVM accredited sales broker from the region.

At Real Estate de Bree you are central. After all, you don’t sell your house every day. With De Bree real estate you have a professional and careful sales agent at your side. Your interests are guaranteed to always come first!

Are you considering selling your house in the Zaan region? And do you want a reliable sales broker with an eye for your interests on the side? Then we invite you to request a free valuation without obligation. We will then be happy to visit you to discuss all your wishes!

We have already sold many houses in Zaandam and the surrounding area. And how! The seller’s reviews speak for themselves.

Glad we chose a small office. As a result, better contact and a personal treatment. No question was too much and you immediately get the help you need. Our house sold super fast. Great and definitely recommended. Thank you!

“Excellent service provided by Bree Makelaardij when selling my home. Nice people and very personal! They have a lot of market knowledge and respond very quickly to any questions you have. The whole process was handled expertly. Highly recommended.”

Selling a house | Step-by-step plan for selling a home


Especially for home sellers the NVM has written the step-by-step plan for the sale of your home. As a professional sales broker, De Bree Makelaardij guides you through every phase of the sales process. And whether you opt for the full service process where we relieve you from start to finish, or for a process where you take care of a number of steps yourself; your interests are central to us!

  1. Determining the asking price: It is important to ask a good price for your home; not too high, but certainly not too low. We come to your home and, together with you, determine an excellent price based on location, technical condition and facilities.
  2. Drawing up the publicity plan: Together we think about how the property will be offered. A good description on Funda speaks for itself, but the various Social Media also hold no secrets for us.
  3. Preparing your house for sale:A house that invites potential buyers to live there has the best selling opportunity. Together we look at how we can make your home as inviting as possible.
  4. The viewing: As your NVM accredited sales agent, we supervise the viewing of your home. You don’t have to worry about it!
  5. The negotiations: You can rely on us for the negotiations. Thanks to our experience and extensive knowledge of the Zaan region, we know exactly what your house should yield as a minimum.
  6. The signing of the deed of sale: When there is agreement on the price, we draw up a purchase agreement. Of course you will be extensively informed about your rights and obligations in this phase.
  7. To the notary: Congratulations! You sold your house. A visit to the notary rounds off the home sale.

De Bree real estate can unburden you from step one to seven, but you can also sell your home yourself through our office. We would like to invite you to our office in Koog aan de Zaan for a non-binding conversation and a delicious cup of coffee. Then we will discuss together which sales process suits you.

Selling a house | Sales boost package


Want to sell your house even faster? This is possible with the home sales boost. De Bree real estate helps you by bringing your home even more professionally to the attention on Funda, Google, Facebook and a large number of housing websites. We highlight the strengths of your home and ensure that it is seen by the right potential buyers with a professional advertising campaign.

Your house will be at the top of search results on all relevant platforms. A real sales campaign for the house! Includes AdWords advertising credit. If you want to sell your house even faster, definitely consider the sales boost!

Do you want to know if the sales boost is something for you? Then visit us soon in Koog aan de Zaan. Then we will discuss the possibilities together!


Questions about selling a house?

Is an energy label mandatory?

Yes, of course. It is mandatory to provide an energy label when selling a home. If you don’t have an energy label yet or you want to renew it, you can easily arrangethat viathis page.

What is a sales strategy?

A good sales strategy ensures that your home is sold as quickly as possible under the best conditions. The right sales strategy is determined together with you and tailored to your personal situation. We discuss, among other things, the sales expectations, the desired acceptance date, the asking price and the promotion of your home tailored to the right target group. No sale is the same, every house has its own target group with specific characteristics. Once we have determined this together with you, we will get to work and take care of the complete sales process.

Buy first or sell first?

In the current market you can often get your current home sold quickly in popular areas. That is why you can choose to first buy a home and immediately put your current home up for sale. If it is not certain whether you will sell the house quickly or if you need a certain equity to be able to buy your next home, it may be better to sell your house first. The question is also whether you can get enough bridging mortgage to get the new home financed before your current home is actually sold.

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    Would you rather buy a house first?