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Is an energy label mandatory?

Yes, of course. Since 1 January 2015, it is mandatory to provide an energy label when selling a home. If you don’t have an energy label yet or you want to renew it, you can easily arrangethis viathis page of the central government.

What does the buyer's obligation to investigate entail?

Where the selling party has the obligation to disclose , the purchasing party has an obligation to investigate. The buyer is expected to examine both the architectural and legal condition of the home. This is also a good reason to engage a buyer’s broker, so that you can be sure that all important matters have been carefully researched.

What are resolutive conditions?

When buying a house, the buyer can have resolutive conditions included in the purchase agreement to guarantee the chance that the purchase can be dissolved if the conditions are not met. Resolutive conditions often relate to obtaining financing, the National Mortgage Guarantee and a building inspection.

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