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Starter coach | Info for starters regarding buying a home

The starter coach is happy to help you with the purchase of your first home!

Buying your first home is exciting! What does all this involve? What is the best order of steps to take? And who do you need during the process? Just a few questions that we would like to answer for you.

How much mortgage can you get?
When you start your search for your ideal home for sale, it is important to know how much you have to spend. You can calculate this on the website of our mortgage advisor, Zaans Hypotheekhuis:

Find a suitable owner-occupied home
Once you know how much you have to spend and how much monthly costs are involved, you can start looking for owner-occupied homes within your budget. We may already have your ideal owner-occupied home in our offer, if not, we are happy to help you find it.

View a house
If you have found a property for sale that seems interesting to you, it is time to make an appointment for a viewing. As a purchasing agent, we can accompany you to the viewing. Our experience and expertise can help you properly assess a property. The most important thing, however, is that a home feels good.

Determining the value of your owner-occupied home
Homes for sale have an asking price, however it is up to you to determine how much you are willing to pay. An opening bid, do you bid above or below asking price and what is your maximum bid? Let your ownpurchasing agentadvise you on this; we will always be honest about the best achievable when buying your first home.

Make an offer on the owner-occupied home of your choice
There are two options when you make an offer on the owner-occupied home that you have in mind: you start negotiating the price or you immediately make a final offer. You can always bid subject to financing, and subject to a building inspection. It is also wise to indicate a desired delivery date when bidding. Get advice on these matters from your purchase broker.

Sign the deed of sale
When you and the seller have agreed on a price for the owner-occupied home, it is time to sign a preliminary deed of sale. The purchase deed is the document in which the seller and the buyer record the agreements regarding the purchase of the home. This deed of sale is also called the provisional deed of sale, because it can contain resolutive conditions regarding financing and a building inspection.

Arrange a mortgage
Only when a price has been agreed is it time to actually take out amortgage. An independent mortgage advisor will be able to guide you in this, and find the best mortgage and offer for you. De Bree real estate advises you to contact Zaans Hypotheekhuis.

Before the mortgage is a fact, you may need a building inspection. A home appraisal is a requirement for a mortgage. De Bree real estate can take care of both for you.

We also guide you in the last step of the process, the journey to the notary for the transfer.

More questions or need help after reading these tips? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss whether we can become your purchasing agent.

Questions about buying a house?

What does cost buyer mean?

These are the costs that the government attaches to the transfer of a home.

This includes: the transfer tax (2%), the costs of the notary and the costs of the cadastral registration.

When am I in negotiation?

Once the selling party responds to your offer by making a counter offer, you are in negotiation. If the selling broker indicates that he will discuss your offer with the selling party, then you are not yet in negotiations.

What are resolutive conditions?

When buying a house, the buyer can have resolutive conditions included in the purchase agreement to guarantee the chance that the purchase can be dissolved if the conditions are not met. Resolutive conditions often relate to obtaining financing, the National Mortgage Guarantee and a building inspection.

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