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Selling a house yourself – Step-by-step plan

You can also sell your house yourself through De Bree Real Estate. Because who knows your house better than you? Right! Nobody.

If you choose to sell your home yourself through De Bree Makelaardij, this does not mean that you are completely alone. Of course we take care of all matters that you cannot handle yourself. Such as: measuring the house, determining the value, placing your house on websites such as Funda, placing a “for sale” sign at the house. Your home will also be displayed in our shop window and on our social media channels; so you are really not alone. For example, you do the viewings of your home yourself. This way you can immediately answer all questions a potential buyer has.

Selling your home yourself through De Bree Makelaardij also has the following advantages:

  • The quality of an NVM broker,
  • Be actively involved in the sale of your home
  • And save thousands of euros in brokerage fees!

You can sell yourself via De Bree Real Estate from €1,750 including VAT. If you later consider that you would like to purchase more services from us for the sale of your home, you can of course always do that.

In our sales packages, all services that we perform for you when selling yourself, and which tasks you perform yourself, are clearly displayed.

Register now for self-selling with the help of De Bree Makelaardij. We would be happy to visit you to discuss what we can do for you. Or visit us for a cup of coffee or tea and a no-obligation introductory meeting. Together we will sell your home quickly, for a good price. We promise!

Questions about selling your house yourself?

What does the seller's notification obligation mean?

This means that the seller must immediately report defects known to him to a potential buyer. This does not apply to defects that are clearly visible to the buyer. The seller must also notify the buyer of the rights of others to his property. In this way, the potential buyer is informed of the maintenance condition of the house before he decides to buy a house.

What is the list of things?

When buying a home, there are often a number of movable and immovable property included in the sale. The list of cases is drawn up from this. The seller can indicate on the list of items belonging to the deed of sale which movable and immovable property belong to the home and can be taken over and which goods the seller wants to take with him. It is wise to go through the list of items together, so that it is clear what is left behind in the home.

What are resolutive conditions?

When buying a house, the buyer can have resolutive conditions included in the purchase agreement to guarantee the chance that the purchase can be dissolved if the conditions are not met. Resolutive conditions often relate to obtaining financing, the National Mortgage Guarantee and a building inspection.

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