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De Bree Real Estate is there for you if you want to sell your house in Wijdewormer!

We know Wijdewormer, Zaanstad and the rest of the Zaan region like no other and are therefore your ideal NVM sales agent in the region.

If you want to sell your house or apartment in Wijdewormer, this page offers you information about house prices and sales duration in this nice place!

The market in Wijdewormer is still very much alive, and it shows! The average time to sell a house or apartment in Wijdewormer is only 41 days. Of course, this depends on the asking price and the type of home. The average purchase price in Wijdewormer is € 310,000. Many transactions are also (significantly) overbid. The largest category of homes in Wijdewormer can have a house price between € 300,000 and € 350,000. There is also a sufficient supply of homes in the price range of € 225,000 and € 275,000.

Facts about selling a house in Wijdewormer

Wijdewormer is a polder, reclaimed land and place in the municipality of Wormerland, in the Dutch province of North Holland, in the northeast of the Zaanstreek and southwest of Purmerend. Wijdewormer also borders the A7 motorway. Long straight roads run through the polder with many farms, villas and extensive farmlands. The hamlet of Neck in the northeast also belongs to the Wijdewormer. Cycling and walking routes lead through Wijdewormer to the Natura 2000 area of ​​the Twiske, Purmerland, Oostzaan, Jisp and the Zaanse Schans.

Why sell your house at Bree Real Estate?

At Bree Real Estate it’s all about you. After all, you don’t sell your house every day. With De Bree Real Estate you have a professional and careful sales agent at your side. With De Bree Real Estate you have a professional and careful sales agent at your side. With this knowledge, we can determine the best sales strategy and best asking price. Your interests are always guaranteed to come first! We’ll sell your house for a good price, professionally and quickly!


Are you considering selling your home in Wijdewormer? And do you want a reliable sales agent with an eye for your interests on the side? Then we invite you to request a free valuation without obligation. We will then be happy to visit you to discuss all your wishes!


We have already sold a lot of houses in Wijdewormer and the surrounding area. And how! The seller’s reviews say enough.

I am very satisfied with Erik and Ellis and the rest of Team de Bree from Koog aan de Zaan. Ever since my first conversation with Erik, I’ve had a good feeling. They arranged everything well, gave me good tips and always kept me informed. My house in koog aan de Zaan was sold very quickly!

“Excellent service provided by Bree Makelaardij when selling my home. Nice people and very personal! They have a lot of knowledge of the market and respond very quickly to any questions you have. The whole process was handled expertly. Highly recommended.”

Questions about selling a house?

Is an energy label mandatory?

Yes, of course! Since January 1, 2015, it is mandatory to provide an energy label when selling a home. If you don’t have an energy label yet or you want to renew it, you can easilyarrange that viathis page of the central government.

What is a selling strategy?

A good selling strategy ensures that your home is sold as quickly as possible under the best conditions. The right selling strategy is determined in consultation with you and adjusted to your personal situation. We discuss, among other things, the sales expectations, the desired acceptance date, the asking price and the promotion of your home adjusted to the right target group. No sale is the same, every house has its own target group with specific characteristics. Once we have determined this together with you, we will get to work and take care of the complete sales process.

Buy first or sell first?

In the current market you can often get your current home sold quickly in popular areas. That is why you can choose to first buy a home and immediately put your current home up for sale. If it is not certain whether you will sell the house quickly or if you need a certain overvalue to be able to buy your next home, it may be better to sell your house first. The question is also whether you can get enough bridging mortgage to get the new home financed before your current home is actually sold.

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